How to Grow Your Email List and Use An Email Verification System to Keep It Clean

Written by: Corina Leslie

November 6, 2017

Whether you’ve just started an email list or you’ve had one for years, the mission of growing it never ends. That’s what any business wants: to reach as many people in its target as possible. So how do you do that? You might have some ideas already, or you may have tried a few tricks that have worked so far, but there’s always room for improvement. We gathered for you some of the best techniques to grow your email list and we’re sharing them with you today!

Make it visible

Place your opt-in form in a spot on your website that is visible to your visitors. You can’t expect them to sign up for your newsletter if they don’t even know you have one. People’s attention span on the Internet is decreasing year by year. That means they scroll down your website for a few seconds, and if there’s nothing there that catches their eye, or if, on the contrary, there are too many things that distract them, you’ll lose potential subscribers. So make sure you place your opt-in form at the top of your homepage. You should even add it in a few more places on your website: on your sidebar, in your navigation menu, in your “About” section and below all of your blog posts, because people are more likely to subscribe right after they read a great piece of content.

Offer them something great in exchange for their email address

Sure, it’s important that people see your opt-in form, but that may not be enough to get them to subscribe. There are so many companies out there that are sending newsletters and everyone is so swamped with marketing offers, that we’ve become reluctant in giving out our email address. Give people a good reason to subscribe. Offer them something great in exchange for their email address. There are all kinds of incentives you can come up with, depending on the type of business you run: a discount coupon, free samples of your most popular product, a useful article or infographic, an ebook, download or access to a free webinar. Identify what people love about your brand and tailor a gift related to that, which you can offer the moment they opt-in for your newsletter.

Use your social media to leverage your email list

Let’s say you’ve worked hard to grow a responsive community on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Keep in mind that people gathered around your brand for a reason: they like you. If they like you enough to follow you on different social media platforms, chances are they are going to want to keep in touch with you through your newsletter. So let them know you have one. Promote it once a week (more often than that could be aggressive and would probably drive your audience away). Apart from that, create a call-to-action post on Facebook, pin it at the top of your page and leave it there for a while. Use the sign up button on Facebook and link it to your opt-in form. Make the most of the results you’ve accomplished in social media so far and capitalize on the trust people invested you with.

Essential: validate your email list

Growing your list is crucial for the success of your business, so wanting to have as many email accounts as possible is only natural. A list of 20,000 subscribers sounds great, but only chasing high numbers is not going to take you very far. Why? Because while the number of the accounts you gather might make you happy, their validity is more important. How many of those 10,000 email addresses are real? You can’t determine that yourself, but there’s a fantastic tool that does that for you. Within minutes!

ZeroBounce is the most complex email validation system on the market. Not only will it analyze your entire list and weed out the bad accounts that ended up there, but it will also give you precious details about the people who subscribed to your newsletter. You’ll have their first and last name, their location and the age of the email address. You can add all that information to your list and use it when you create your campaigns.

Using ZeroBounce is easy, you can sign up for free and you can test the system before purchase. Find out more details here and register to get your first 100 email vallidation for free!

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