Three Emails We Would Delete Right Away

Written by: Corina Leslie

November 22, 2017

Let’s say you run a great company, customers love your products and they subscribed to your newsletter to stay updated about your latest. Your email list is growing day by day, and you have all the chances of converting your audience into faithful, long term clients. How do you make the most of those chances? We gave you a few tips here, and today we’re going to go into some of the biggest don’t’s of email marketing. Stay with us and learn what emails we would delete right away!

Overly promotional content

We understand: you’ve worked hard to grow your email list and now you’re looking forward to reaping the benefits. You are probably so excited about your products that you want to let everyone know how fantastic they are. We bet they are, but be careful in your marketing endeavors. Overly promotional content can actually drive your audience away. If you have, let’s say, six new items that you wish to promote, don’t include them all in one email. Too many call-to-actions will get people feeling confused and overwhelmed with advertising. Plan your newsletters to contain only two of your new products at a time. This will also give you the opportunity to highlight their qualities much better and help them stand out.

Emails that don’t offer relevant content or a really nice perk

Every time you create a new email, focus on the main idea it should revolve around. Do you have a useful piece of information to share? Write it down and send it out, people will appreciate it. Are you currently offering any discounts or maybe a course, spreadsheet or webinar? Then you have the best reason to send a newsletter. Otherwise, just wait and plan. No one wants an email in their inbox that has no value and doesn’t communicate anything important.

The 100th email in a month

No matter how good your content is, no matter how many discounts you offer or how much your subscribers admire you, they simply don’t want to hear from you that often. Sure, we exaggerated a little when we said “the 100th,” but you get the point: don’t swamp them with emails! They will open them once, twice, three times… But the fourth time, they are going to know what they contain, and you might end up in their “Trash” folder and potentially marked as “Spam.” Here is a great tool that can tell you which email addresses have a history of doing that.

Conclusion: keep a decent rhythm in order to achieve the best outcome, that is, to avoid unsubscribers, grow your list and increase your open rates.

These are all emails we would delete without regret. Assuming that we’d get them in the first place! A company that doesn’t keep up with their email list hygiene can’t count on good deliverability. Many emails end up either bouncing or being marked as “Spam.” That’s why email validation is such a key element of your marketing plan. Find a reliable email verifier and let it do the job! It will clean up your email list and ensure that all the contacts you have are accurate and receiving those newsletters you work so hard on.

If you choose ZeroBounce and register today, you get 100 free credits to test out our system and see if it’s a good fit for your needs!

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