Five Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Today

Written by: Corina Leslie

December 15, 2017

Email has become the main focus of most marketers, and 54% of them say their goal is to increase their engagement rate. How can businesses get to a satisfying level in terms of email marketing success? There are plenty of tools you can study until you find what’s best for you, and there are some golden tips that really apply to everyone. Curious to find out what they are? Keep reading!

Verify your email list

There is simply no way of increasing your engagement rate if you’re not reaching your audience in the first place. You may have a database of thousands or even millions of customers. However, if many of those email addresses are inaccurate, abandoned or have a history of marking emails as Spam, your whole campaign could be in vain. This is where email verification can make a difference.

A good email verifier will remove the bad accounts from your list and will warn you about email users who have a habit of reporting messages as Spam. An even better email validation system will also add valuable information to your database, like the name, gender, location or IP of your subscribers. You can use that, with great advantages, when you decide it’s time to segment your email list.

What are your competitors doing?

We’re not saying you should copy anyone. On the contrary, the more you focus on your own personality, the greater the chances to stand out in the crowded landscape of email marketing. But taking a look at what your competitors are doing can actually prove to be a really helpful reference point. What do you like in the way they design their email marketing campaigns? Is there anything that irritates you? What kindles your inspiration and pushes you to become a better marketer? Look around, as those answers might determine you to make fruitful changes in your style.

Learn from the best

Let us ask you a few more questions: what are the brands you admire the most? What companies do you consider to be the elite in their field? What are the key traits that make them stand out? Identifying those characteristics in another company can help you in getting to know your own business better. Also, it helps you cultivate your own brand. Eventually, this will connect you with your customers on a deeper level, and your email marketing is going to improve.

Take an email marketing class

With email marketing becoming more and more popular, the amount of theoretical resources is also growing. There are thousands of professionals online who are sharing their knowledge. Some do it for free, you can find countless blogs to learn from. Others top that advice with courses and webinars that could make a difference in the way you market yourself through your emails. Consider buying a course to better your performance. We can never learn too much, can we?

Never ignore your reports

The great thing about email marketing platforms is that they offer you detailed reports of each campaign, so you can see how you perform. Take the time to study those reports and gain insight on what your subscribers like and what doesn’t appeal to them. What do they click on the most? What kind of subject lines tend to increase your open rates? How many people have unsubscribed from your list since the last email you sent, and why? Reports have tremendous value, as they allow you to fine-tune your campaigns according to your audience’s taste.


Do you want to learn more about how to improve your email marketing? Check out this guide, created by Campaign Monitor, on email marketing best practices! It is a great free resource that helps marketers be better communicators and surpass their sales goals.

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