Five Ways to Improve Email Deliverability

improve email deliverability

What is the best technique to ensure your email marketing delivers results? The truth is, there is no unique strategy, but several steps you need to take in order to build a strong relationship with your email subscribers. Catchy subject lines, compelling copy and beautiful design are two of the most important aspects, but none of them matter if your campaigns don’t reach your audience in the first place. We are going to give you five tips on how to increase your email deliverability rates and make sure your subscribers are receiving your marketing emails.

Use double opt-in confirmation emails

What this means is that your new subscribers are not simply going to put their email address in the sign-up form, but are going to have to confirm their email in order to be added to your list. This prevents inaccurate email addresses and bots to be added to your database, and is essential in keeping your list clean.

Validate your email list

Speaking of keeping your email list clean, there is no better way of doing that than having it validated by a specialized software. But first, avoid buying email lists, even if their source is trustworthy. The issue is, email service providers have ways of detecting if a list is bought or rented, and they will most likely reject it the moment you try to import it on their platform. We know it is going to take time and patience, but it is important that you grow your email list organically. Every year, though, about 30% of that list deteriorates, and a good email verifier will remove inaccurate and inactive accounts. Using an email checker is the best method to obtain high deliverability rates.

Remove inactive emails

This may sound counterproductive: why would you remove precious email addresses that you’ve worked so hard to gather? Because some of those addresses may be abandoned, and sending email to them will only hurt your IP reputation. If you notice that a subscriber hasn’t opened or clicked on any of your emails in the last six months, it’s best to just remove that address from your database. In our Complete Guide to Improve Inbox and Deliverability, our experts explained: „A lot of ISP algorithms are based on user engagement. The more non-openers and non-clickers, the worse the statistic gets and the worse your inbox rate becomes. After six months, you can also retry sending to these email addresses to see if the recipients open or click.”

Warm up your IP before every campaign

Our experts also advise you to warm your IP every time you prepare to launch a new campaign. Sending too many emails at once will result in bounces and deferrals. In order to avoid that, study and follow the guidelines of every email provider. You can usually find those guidelines on your postmaster’s website.

Be consistent

Your sending behavior should have a steady rhythm. This will not only help you stay in touch with your subscribers, but will also keep your IP warm. Send your newsletters and other marketing materials on the same day, every week or month, as this will contribute to your sender reputation, as well.


Do you want to learn more about how to improve the deliverability of your email campaigns? You can always read our free Guide here!

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