How Our Catch-All Validation System Saves Your Valid Emails

Author: Corina Leslie

August 2, 2018

Do you have lots of catch-all email addresses in your list? ZeroBounce A.I., our catch-all validation system, will tell you whether they’re valid. Also, it will give you a better understanding of your email hygiene.

One of our most important projects, this year, was the development of ZeroBounce A.I., our new catch-all validation system. Many of you have benefited from it, and we couldn’t be happier with your feedback. Today, we decided to share with you how ZeroBounce A.I. has helped Zak, one of our customers.

Should I keep catch-all emails in my list?

Zak first cleaned his email list using our email validation platform. When he got the results, he noticed that 40% of his email list consisted of catch-all email addresses. This type of addresses are mailboxes on a domain that will “catch” all the emails sent to that domain, even if the address doesn’t exist. Businesses and government organizations usually configure catch-all’s so they don’t miss any emails that may be sent to their domain.

Keeping catch-all emails in your list is risky, as you don’t know how many of them are going to bounce and hurt your sender reputation. But ZeroBounce A.I., with its complex analytical ability, will be able to tell you whether a catch-all email is valid or not.

Here is how our catch-all email validator helped Zak: “I like the results of the AI very much, as I was not sure what to do with my catch-all results, which made up 40% of my list. Now that I used the A.I., I’m going to send emails out to those addresses based on the quality score. Why I’m happy is because half my emails haven’t become redundant. Other email validation platforms would just say that 40% of my emails are ‘risky’, and I’m worried to email them or not – so I’ve lost half my leads.”

We thank Zak, who works at INROBUS, for sharing his feedback with us!

Learn more about ZeroBounce A.I., our email scoring system that is now at the forefront of the email validation industry.