Want to Be A Part of ZeroBounce History? Take this Survey and Get 50% Off

Written by: Corina Leslie

November 14, 2018

We listened to our customer’s feedback and it’s finally here. We’ve got a great new solution powered by ZeroBounce and we want you to be the first to try it out!

ZeroBounce is soon launching MxMail – a first of its kind Email Service Provider platform that is more than an Email Service Provider. It’s a place where you can import your email lists, validate them with ZeroBounce and send your marketing emails seamlessly, all in one!

How does that sound?

We would appreciate your feedback on this, so we’re extending the invite to a very exclusive few customers to take a really quick survey – it only takes a minute.

To show our gratitude, we’re choosing 50 respondents at random and giving them the chance to sign up for MxMail at 50% discount!

ZeroBounce and MxMail: your email validation & email marketing solution

So many of our customers have asked us whether they could use ZeroBounce to send their marketing emails. Now, our answer is “Yes”!

Well, technically, it’s MxMail – the latest addition to the ZeroBounce suite of products. Designed by some of the best engineers in the industry, MxMail is an email marketing platform – enhanced to respond to your needs.


Here is what ZeroBounce and MxMail can do when they join forces:

@ MxMail allows you to import your email list(s) easily

@ ZeroBounce automatically validates your email addresses – for free! – to make sure you’re only sending your email to genuine contacts

@ you get a clean and safe email list – no misspelled, dormant, or fake email addresses. No spam traps, catch-all, abuse or disposable emails either!

@ in your MxMail account, you have several templates to choose from and create your beautiful email marketing campaign

@ also, you can segment your list to better target your messaging

@ furthermore, MxMail offers you in-depth reports about your subscribers, so you can customize your content for the best engagement.


We’re excited to share our latest project with you and hope we can get your feedback! Take the survey and get 50% off the price when you sign up for MxMail!