What You Can Do with Your Catch-all Emails

Author: Corina Leslie

May 24, 2019

So, you cleaned your list and some of your emails turned out to be catch-all. What should you do? Keep emailing them while nervously waiting to see how many will bounce? You could, but why take such risks? Instead, you could score those catch-all emails  – the feedback you get will help you decide what the next step should be.

First, we thank you all so much for the kind reviews you’ve left on Capterra!

You’re just as big of a part of ZeroBounce as we are. Only by getting your constant feedback can we help make your business better.

We read and respond to every single one of your comments, and there was something we noticed in the past few weeks. There was a larger than usual number of reviews in which you were telling us you wished there was a solution for your catch-all emails.

catch-all email validation
catch-all email validator
email verifier

Well, there is! It’s called ZeroBounce A.I. and it’s been helping thousands of customers since we launched it.  

Let’s detele all those catch-all emails! But wait…

When you run your list though our email verifier, a percentage of your results end up being catch-all emails. Other services mark them as “risky,” which leaves you wondering what you should do next.

Delete them all from your list?
“Yeah, but I worked so hard to grow my list. What if some of those catch-all emails are actually valid?”

Continue to email them nonetheless?
“Yeah, but if some of them bounce, that hurts my sender reputation and deliverability.”

We knew this dilemma needed a solution, so we created one!

lead scoring

Find out how risky your catch-all emails are

Yes, catch-all emails are risky. But ZeroBounce A.I. tells you how risky they are, so you can decide which ones are to keep. That’s important, because some email lists get a high catch-all result. Imagine having to throw away 30% or 40% of your contacts!

This is where ZeroBounce A.I. makes a difference. It analyzes every email address in your list and returns a quality score for each. The higher the score (it ranges from 0 to 10), the more confident you can be about emailing those catch-all emails.

Can I use ZeroBounce A.I. to score all of my emails?

Absolutely! ZeroBounce A.I. is an excellent catch-all email validator. At the same time, it works just as efficiently when it comes to scoring other email addresses. By detecting an account’s activity levels, the system gives you feedback on its reachability and potential recipient interaction.

If an email address gets a score of 4, you know you can’t count on that recipient to engage with your emails too often. If it gets a 9, it’s clear that you’ve got a good lead!

“ZeroBounce A.I. works whether you need to validate catch-all emails, or get in-depth analysis of your data quality. We wanted our customers to gain an edge over their competitors and create more powerful email marketing programs,” says ZeroBounce CEO Liviu Tanase.

email validation

How ZeroBounce A.I. helps you

With its predictive quality score, ZeroBounce A.I. allows you to:

  • find out which ones of your catch-all emails are valid, depending on the quality score you get.
  • learn which ones of your subscribers are more likely to engage with your emails.
  • increase your conversions by sending the right messages to the right people.

The system is easy to use: just log into your account and make sure you upload your list in the “ZeroBounce A.I.” area.

Happy email scoring!