facts you didn't know about email

15 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Email

Do you know who sent the first email? Or how many times a day we check our inbox? Stay with us for 15 email facts worth knowing!

A world without email – can you imagine that?

Neither can we, and there are billions of people around the globe who feel the same. It’s not just because we love email. We also need it at work, and to stay in touch with colleagues and friends. Not to mention, email is indispensable for any account we want to create online.

But what do we really know about email? Who invented it and how is it going to evolve? The trivia we gathered answers these questions, and more.

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15 email facts you want to know

1. The first email ever sent was in 1971. Ray Tomlinson, the engineer who invented the email program on the ARPANET system, sent the message to himself and received it on a computer sitting right next to him.

2. Almost 2,8 million emails are sent every second, according to Internet Live Stats.

3. People check their email about 15 times a day.

4. 86% of professionals say that email is their favorite way to communicate.

5. The average person who works in an office receives 122 emails a day and sends out 40 business emails daily.

6. Only 14% of the emails a person receives every day are considered important.

7. In the U.S., 66% of email is read on mobile devices.

8. As of September 2019, almost 60% of the world’s email is spam, Statista shows. The number one offender? China.

9. The most popular mobile device for email opens is the iPhone.

10. Keep this in mind if you’re sending newsletters: according to several studies, Tuesday is the best day of the week to send an email. However, run your own tests until you figure out what your audience prefers.

11. Consumer email accounts represented the majority (79%) of US email accounts in 2016.

12. People own about 1.8 accounts per user. How many do you own?

13. Percentage of Americans that check their email:

  • while driving: 18%
  • in bed: 50%
  • in the bathroom: 40%
  • on vacation: 79%
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The most staggering email facts?

14. In 2015, the number of emails that circulated in the world was of more than 205 billion per day.

15. This figure increased throughout 2016 and 2017, and will grow even more. By the end of 2019, it will reach over 246 billion emails!

Email facts whose sources we didn’t cite above are from studies conducted by technology market research firm Radicati Group

How quickly does your email list go bad?

Considering the amount of worldwide email traffic, you’re probably asking yourself:

How do I make sure I reach people?

Whether you send cold emails or use email marketing as a way to boost sales, making first contact is vital.

Spam filters have evolved, and that may affect your email deliverability. Furthermore, 22.5% of your B2B email list goes bad — every single year — research from Marketing Sherpa shows. As a result, you can find yourself:

  • paying to email people who never see your messages anymore
email list cleaning

Maybe it’s time for an email list cleaning?

There are several factors that influence your sender score and the number of emails that make it to your subscribers’ inboxes. One of the most important ones?

Email hygiene: ensuring your list contains genuine and active email addresses.

Not only does it show you follow email marketing best practices. But also, it allows you to target your communication more efficiently, towards real human beings.

So, before you schedule your next email campaign, allow an email list cleaning system to weed out all bad addresses. Great email marketing starts with a healthy, accurate email list.

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This article was published in November 2017 and updated in December 2019.