What Does Your Dream Email List Look Like? Validate 25% More Email Addresses on Us

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What does your dream email list look like?

A list with zero invalid emails? Zero spam traps and zero people who mark you as spam?

Zero bounces? Subscribers who love getting your emails and rush to open them every time?

Ok, ok, we’re asking too many questions, but the thing is this dream email list of yours is not that hard to achieve! We’ve got more than 60,000 awesome customers across the globe who’ll tell you that.

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Check out what Edward Kern says in his review on Trustpilot:

“ZeroBounce is an absolute dream come true! It’s as close to perfection as I could imagine. It’s as if someone got inside my head and knew what I wanted and needed – even without my ability to define my needs/desires. One excellent benefit is the way that they follow up with alerts – love it! I absolutely, without reservations recommend ZeroBounce.”

Or Nancy G.:

“Since utilizing ZeroBounce as part of our email marketing plan we have had a significant increase in our email sending reputation. This means that we are utilizing good email addresses, we are staying off of blacklists and the emails are actually reaching the inboxes. We highly value this service!”

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This week, you get 25% more of what you buy – for free

Yep, this week you receive 25% email validation credits for free on top of what you buy.

You got 100k credits?

We add 25k more to your account automatically – no coupon code to worry about!

This offer is valid until Friday, November 29 at 11:59 PST.

Your credits never expire and you can use them anytime to revitalize your email list. Clean it in bulk, install the API, or score your database to find out how people will engage with your emails.

Bulk email list cleaning

Ideal if you already have an email list and you feel like it needs an update. The process is easy-breezy: upload your list on, allow the service to validate it, then download your fresh contacts and email them!

Real-time email validation API

You have a clean email list and you want to keep it that way? Then get the API! This real-time email validation system checks every new email address – before it gets added to your database. Installation takes just a few minutes.

A.I. email scoring

You cleaned your list and you got the API. Can you do even more to improve your email hygiene? Yes: run your contacts through our artificial intelligence scoring system. It will tell you which of your catch-all emails are valid and paint a clearer picture of your overall list quality.

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“ZeroBounce is a must-have tool”

Your email list has immense potential. It gives you the possibility to:

  • reach a bigger audience (a lot bigger than the 2% of people who see your Facebook posts)
  • share your voice and become a trusted authority
  • increase brand awareness
  • build a real, long-lasting relationships with your subscribers
  • boost conversions.

While content plays an important role in your email marketing success, the quality of your list is paramount. That’s what we’re here to help you with, and our customers’ feedback shows you how.

Here’s another Trustpilot review by Carlos Martinez:

“Zero Bounce has improved our deliverability rates and open rates by validating all of the emails we have, before we ever send to them. This saves us money by not being charged by our mass email platform to send to bad email addresses. If you are serious about maintaining a clean list, ZeroBounce is a must-have tool.”

So, while you focus on crafting those great Black Friday campaigns, let us validate your list. With the 25% bonus, you can get even more credits than you need right now and use them later.

Who can stop you?

Simply log into your ZeroBounce account and make a purchase. We’ll add your bonus right away. Need more info or help with your email marketing? Get in touch – you can count on us 24/7!